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Velásquez - Pablo Family

Before deciding on this process, Alejandra had two natural pregnancies but unfortunately were ectopic, losing their Fallopian tubes. After that, we went to a research center in the city of Quito, where after several tests and analysis of the center doctors concluded that the only option we had was to the IVF. That's when we based on these results, we turn to INNAIFEST at the Kennedy Clinic in the Guayaquil city, where, after confirming the results, we experienced all the facilities for treatment and thankfully had a happy ending.

As the kids have grown gradually they have learned how they came into the world. Even on one occasion, when they turned 7 years INNAIFEST visited laboratories where they were created.

The process was a lot of patience and especially a lot of confidence in the medical team who are called to explain all fertility treatment.

The pregnancy test was performed 15 days after the transfer and we are the happiest people of the world to know that this was positive. It took 15 days and give us the news that were twins, feeling an even greater joy.

Thereafter gestation it developed as any normal pregnancy in a woman to be mother and thank God, born without any complications. That's the biggest thrill we have experienced in our lives. Hence the God is eternal gratitude for having given us the privilege of parenting, when our chances were virtually nil.

That is why we advise couples who are experiencing similar problems of infertility, not to lose faith and seek the help of God and true professionals.


Our personal data are as follows:
Father: Belisario Velásquez
Mother: Alejandra Pablo de Velásquez
Son and Daughter: María Alejandra y José Leonardo Velásquez Pablo