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Cabrera - Delgado Family


Today I was contacted by friends who do not yet have baby and I came to mind all the memories of 20 years ago.

My name is Fanny Delgado Arce. My husband and I arrived at the clinic through my cousin Dra. Ivonne Arce and we will live eternally grateful. She was conceived by artificial insemination. What I had was very delicate pregnancy in bed for 7 months, but everything went well in the end. Doctors who treated us was Dr. Arce and Dr. Eduardo Barrera.

My daughter Adriana is now a 19 year old, beautiful and intelligent. All his life he excelled in many activities and studies. Be proud that it was standard bearer, bodyguard, winning national competitions and has even represented our country in science events. It was better degree of physical-mathematical and won a scholarship to study at university in Canada granted by the University of British Columbia. Apparently he leans to the field of biological and genetic research.

She perfectly knows its history and defends and defends himself when religious groups against assisted reproduction criticize or question their origin.

Your photo is published in the "smiles" section, Adrianita 1994.

We wish you many more years of success in helping many more couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

Very thankful,

Julio Cabrera Ron
Fanny Delgado Arce