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Competently Functional Sperm Selection (PICSI)

The sperm selection device PICSI is indicated to improve the selection of sperm in ICSI Intracytoplasmic Sperm Microinjection Treatment, allowing the selection of mature sperm.

In the usual practice of ICSI, the sperm are selected for injection based on their morphology and motility. However, this does not reflect the genomic integrity of the sperm or their ability to provide the best paternal contribution to the zygote. The sperm selection device PICSI provides the means to select mature sperm based on their ability to bind to hyaluronan hydrogel. This device mimics the natural binding of mature ovum cumulus with the sperm, important step in natural fertilization.

This procedure is developed through a culture dish containing hyaluronan inside, where sperm are placed. The biochemically competent mature sperm bind to hyaluronan and can be isolated by the embryologist and used for ICSI.

Research shows that sperm that binds to hyaluronan has a lower probability of chromosomal abnormalities and higher DNA integrity. Spermatozoa unsuitable for fertilization lack specific receptors for hyaluronan, do not bind the hydrogel, thus excluding for ICSI.

This procedure is indicated for:

  • Patients teratozoospermia
  • Patient with high sperm DNA damage
  • Suspected defects in sperm
  • Previous failures in conventional ICSI method
  • Poor embryo development in previous cycles of IVF or ICSI
  • History of miscarriage