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Social Causes

In present times, there is a tendency to delay parenthood for social causes such as professional development, obtain economic stability, etc.; however, you should consider that fertility declines over the years.

In the case of women, fertility begins to decline after age 34, being less than 5% at 45 years, increasing the chances of a baby with chromosomal diseases. Finally, fertility disappear with menopause. Cycles usually without ovulation, although menstruation persist until menopause.

In the case of the male, although they can produce sperm to death, the vitality of these decreases and increases genetic defects.

Considering the above factors, for women and men who think delaying motherhood and fatherhood at older ages, cryopreservation of eggs and sperm in a fertile age offers an alternative with the same chances of pregnancy would have at the time that freeze.

Innaifest has the infrastructure and high-tech equipment needed to cryopreserve and store the samples, keeping their quality and viability over time.