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How long should I wait to worry about my fertility?

Achieve pregnancy is the result of several factors and complex events. Even when all is well with the couple, conception can take to arrive.

It is important to know that the human species has a low reproductive power. It is estimated that there is a 25% chance of pregnancy per month on a sustained sexual relationship at the time of ovulation in women.

It is also estimated that over a year of sex without using contraception, the probability of achieving a pregnancy is 85%.

Now, note that the percentages and figures presented here relate to women under 35 years old. After age 35, women experience physiological changes that contribute to reduce fertility significantly.

It is estimated that the probability of pregnancy per month increased to 35 year old woman is 10%, and after 40 years of age, the odds decrease to less than 5% per month.

So that infertility is defined as failure to achieve a successful pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular sex without using contraception.

After 35 years, it is prudent medical evaluation after a period of 6 months.

If you think you have fertility problems or infertility, or if you suspect that your age your chances of pregnancy are being affected, then contact us now to give you help and personal attention you require.