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Fertility preservation in patients who receive chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy

In the last four decades, advances in cancer therapy, particularly chemotherapy, has achieved a significant improvement in survival expectations.

As part of education and informed, before receiving any treatment consent, the oncologist must address the possibility of infertility in patients in their reproductive years and discuss options for preserving fertility and / or refer the patient to a specialist in reproduction .

Patients facing treatments that may alter their reproductive function, need quick advice of its options preserving fertility and immediate referral to an appropriate program.

Currently, cryopreservation of embryos, eggs and sperm (testicular or ejaculates) represent the norm for fertility preservation procedures to be offered in an assisted reproduction that allows quick access to an interdisciplinary medical team including oncologist, specialist reproduction, andrologist, reproductive surgeon, mental health professional, geneticist and have a program of assisted reproduction laboratories and facilities available fertility preservation short term.