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Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals in the field of Assisted Reproduction, who decided to pool our efforts and knowledge, placing them at the service of infertile couples to achieve their dreams of becoming parents.

Our Center for Assisted Reproduction, INNAIFEST, has the great satisfaction of having achieved the birth of the first babies conceived through IVF in Ecuador, which occurred on 19 February 1992. Subsequently, in our more than 30 years of successful path, there are many more that have reaped rewards, making hundreds of couples to form a family.

We have our own highly sophisticated administrative facilities, consultation and examinations as well as our own laboratory and equipment and last generation. We also offer emocial constant support throughout the process. This, together with our specialists, allows us to achieve high pregnancy rates, according to international standards. We also have accreditation from the REDLARA (Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction), which guarantees our dear patients that procedures and treatments at our center meet strict international standards.

We are committed to you. Their desires are ours, and fulfill them is our greatest satisfaction.